Transforming Healthcare: How Smart Tech Makes Health Records Smarter 

In the world of healthcare, making sense of health records is a big deal. What if doctors could quickly and accurately pull together information like symptoms, diseases, and treatments from records without any hassle. That’s where smart technology, like Natural Language Processing (NLP), comes into play. 

Easy Info Extraction with Smart Tools 

In the PREPARE project, we’re working on tools that make the process of pulling out important info from health records smooth and efficient. These tools use smart methods, like recognising and tagging medical terms, to automatically fetch crucial details. Medical experts get to double-check and add their insights to make sure everything is spot on. 

UMLS is like a super-dictionary that helps us translate medical jargon into something everyone can understand. This tool is essential because medical language can be confusing. But with UMLS, we’re making sure that health info is crystal clear. QuickUMLS is a handy tool that acts like a bridge, connecting different tech tools seamlessly. It’s   like   having   a   translator that speaks the language of health. In our case, QuickUMLS is a bridge that connects UMLS with different technological tools such as HuggingFace and SpaCy. HuggingFace and SpaCy are language experts that help us understand text better (general text). HuggingFace is a treasure chest of models and solutions, while SpaCy is a language wizard with tricks for 25 different languages. Together, they’re helping us decode the language of health. Additionally, ScispaCy is tool specialised for medical content. The combination of these tools ensure that we don’t miss any important details. 

Future Steps: PREPARE Solutions for Better Healthcare 

Moving ahead with our PREPARE project, we are developing solutions for diverse languages. Our focus is not just on finding the right technologies but also on evaluating their suitability for our specific needs: medical rehabilitation. This involves careful analysis to pinpoint any required modifications and improvements essential for a smooth integration into our evolving set of tools. Stay tuned for more updates as we pave the way for a smarter and more accessible future in healthcare technology. 

Authors: Tanja Zdolšek Draksler & Erik Novak, JSI