Join our Roundtable event – “Common challenges of AI strategies-related EU/HaDEA funded projects”

PREPARE is excited to announce its first Roundtable event, a hybrid-event that will take place on 10 June 2024 both online and on-site in Thessaloniki.  

When: 10 June 2024 

Where: Online via Zoom and on-site in Thessaloniki 

A common issue experienced by healthcare providers is workload pressures associated with an increase in administrative tasks. Treating patients generates large amounts of data which are necessary to provide quality care. The time it takes to process this information takes away from efforts that can otherwise be used to predict, evaluate, and monitor a patients’ health. AI offers a solution in that it can process large amounts of data accurately and rapidly.  

This Roundtable event organised by the coordinators of the PREPARE project, Aristotle University in Thessaloniki (Greece), is hosted in collaboration with the following projects: Microb-AI-ome, SPIDeRR, STRATA-FIT, STRATIF-AI, TARGET, AI4Lungs, CoMPaSS-NMD and COMFORT. All projects have received funding by the EU to create AI-powered tools and technologies that will help group patients based on their risk of disease or response to therapy, a technique that will not only assist care providers in determining the appropriate treatment response but significantly improve the quality of patient care.  

The hybrid-event is designed to provide attendees with the opportunity to network, share knowledge and experience, present best practices, discuss common concerns, identify common pitfalls, and explore potential collaboration and follow-up activities among the projects. The panel is comprised of the experts involved in each project and will include discussions around the important challenges faced by projects in the domain of AI-health, such as: Data interoperability and Common Data Models, Federated Learning approaches, Explainable AI tools and Medical Device Regulation (MDR) certification issues and procedures. At the end of the event, participants will have an opportunity to ask questions to the panel during a Q+A session.  

This is a free event, but registration is required. Registration will provide access to the zoom link, materials and SLIDO, which will be used during the Q+A session. 

You can find the agenda here: PREPARE Roundtable Agenda

About the PREPARE project 

PREPARE aims to pave the way for personalised and holistic rehabilitation and care by combining real-world clinical datasets in a unified manner using innovative machine learning techniques without sharing sensitive patient data. The project uses cutting edge research across the clinical, socio-behavioural, and public health domains to integrate data about patients’ living conditions as well as sociodemographic and behavioural information.   

Through the application of statistical and AI learning methods, our team of experts will showcase the power of its state-of-the-art through pilot cases in nine diseases constituting the most dominant cases for rehabilitation worldwide. The selection of diverse pilot cases will allow partners to address various challenges while focusing their expertise to continuously develop and improve the project’s models. PREPARE’s data-driven tools will transform the field of rehabilitation, contributing to better shared decision making and preparation for the patients’ futures.  

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