OHDSI Rehabilitation Working Group: promoting better rehabilitation care 

The second OHDSI Working Group meeting took place on 21 March 2024. This meeting is a monthly gathering of passionate rehabilitation scientists joining from all over the world. Led by PREPARE consortium partners, the meeting was chaired by Esther Janssen (Radboudumc) and moderated by Ruud Selles (Erasmus MC). Selles commenced with a description of the […]

Explainable AI: PREPARE at the First International Conference on AI Health

The PREPARE project was published in an abstract submitted by Trilateral Research to the first international conference on AI Health. Hosted by the International Academy, Research, and Industry Association (IARIA), the AIHealth 2024 conference aimed to encourage the exchange of ideas and results between academics and the industry, to drive advancements in AI and health […]

Data Transformation in Hospitals

Vast amounts of data are generated within the healthcare industry through various sources such as electronic health records (EHRs), medical imaging, genomic sequencing, wearable devices, telemedicine, and administrative systems. This data presents both challenges and opportunities for healthcare organisations, researchers, and policymakers. An important process in the hospitals’ environment regarding this large amount of data […]

Transforming Healthcare: How Smart Tech Makes Health Records Smarter 

In the world of healthcare, making sense of health records is a big deal. What if doctors could quickly and accurately pull together information like symptoms, diseases, and treatments from records without any hassle. That’s where smart technology, like Natural Language Processing (NLP), comes into play.  Easy Info Extraction with Smart Tools  In the PREPARE […]

Transforming Rehabilitation: Personalised Care for Better Quality of Life with PREPARE

In a world where chronic non-communicable diseases affect millions of people, rehabilitation is key to improving the quality of life of those living with these conditions. The PREPARE project aims to make a significant impact by developing tools that empower both patients and healthcare providers to choose the most effective treatment strategies. This ground-breaking initiative […]

Ethical, Legal, and Social Considerations for the PREPARE Project

The PREPARE project is on a mission to revolutionise rehabilitation care for patients dealing with chronic non-communicable diseases. It will develop innovative and personalised tools to support healthcare professionals and patients in deciding treatment options. While this project holds the promise of transforming healthcare, it’s important to consider the ethical, legal, and social implications that […]

Regulatory perspective of prediction models

AI-driven predictive models hold enormous potential for the world of rehabilitation. They can enable better patient care, empower doctors to make better-informed decision, and lead to improved health outcomes. However, like all powerful tools, they need to be used responsibly. By ensuring that these predictive models adhere to the relevant legal framework, we can harness […]